The DevSmart Group

Your partner in programme excellence

Tailored services for international humanitarian and development agencies

Be more relevant

The world is changing rapidly. Shared understanding of the opportunities and threats in an increasingly complex and volatile environment is critical to designing relevant programmes.

Be more strategic

Facilitated hands-on training combines normative frameworks, results-based management and risk-management to ensure all our clients articulate strategic intent through their programming.

Be more effective

We help turn global best practice into practical guidance, instructions and training tools for programme managers, ensuring your organization evolves in line with your vision.

Be fully resourced

Your programme can be relevant, strategic and logical but without the right partners, you cannot achieve results. Our team has decades of experience facilitating public and private sector partnerships that match financial and technical resources with needs on the ground.

Be more accountable

We help you reinforce your active commitment to using resources responsibly and being held to account by development partners, government counterparts and the people you seek to assist.